Dismal mask

Dismal mask

When the night feels empty without the moon that is very much there,
And cool breezes of summer showers don’t cool your shoulders bare,
When the turf feels like a million thorns and you still tread and dare,
Hearing whispers of fragrant flowers and all you do is just simply stare,

When your feet have become mere roots clinging on to the parched soil,
And your limbs bare without foliage or fruit although you stand and toil,
When you want to run with the winds but all you can do is meekly coil,
Transfixed you stare at your your immobile being your soul to simmer and boil,

When you’ve forgotten the lyrics of the song you once effortlessly wrote,
And a silence throttles your neck impeding your voice to leave your throat,
When tears toll down your cheeks but no one can see them in your eyes float,
Breaking your heart into smithereens deep within you like a monotonous note,

When your hands are tied and lips sealed as you watch untruths drift like mist,
And justice or reason has flown away with migratory flocks from your aching fist,
When the bleak horizon looms like an empty earth but destiny stays to insist,
That you need to do what you need to do and life seems like festering cyst,

Just stay rooted dear and precious soul for there is so much more to give than ask,
Breathe poetry and plant saplings along the trail where you trudge a thankless task,
Venture to seek the light within your heart where you will feel bliss and joyfully bask,
For beyond your mind swirls a gentle wisp called love, so cast away your dismal mask.

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