Stay away from still people

As you all know i have chronic IBS, I suffer from migranes, i work nights and days so im exhausted too but im happy. So when i talk to people i laugh and joke, smile and have fun.

But ive noticed recently how negative people are when you meet them, so the conversation goes like this.

Me: hi how are you?

Them: dont even ask ive been stressed to the limit.

Me: omg whats wrong?

Them: i broke as fuck my wages arent enough i mean i had to buy a new bed it cost €890, then food shopping and bills its just crazy

Me: why didnt u buy a cheaper bed

Them: sure i couldn’t i just redone my bedroom and the bed i had didnt match and the hassle i had getting it to the recycling centre i mean stress

Me: smile nod and walk away( first world problems)

I know people that are all gloom and doom over dry skin, not losing weight, over work just about everything.

Nobodys life is perfect everyone has problems but i choose to be positive and upbeat. If i was to be all doom and gloom i would never leave my house.

I know people that are still broke, still complaining, still hating and still no where im a big advocate if u dont like something in your life change it. Its not easy but its possible.

If u want a promotion but lack the education go to night school/ take online classes, if your still broke get a second job, if your friends bring you down find new ones, if your still nowhere take that first step forward.

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