Dont settle for second best when you deserve the best.

This is my husband today is his 39th birthday he is such an amazing person when he was young his brother in law passed away and few years later his sister passed away. Be took there 3 children in as his own, he loved them as his own and spent his 20s looking after them. For such a young man he really stepped up to.the mark. He always calls them his kids and he absolutely loves them, he would do anything for them. They all turned out amazing and we are both bursting with pride with everything they have achieved.

After we got married Asif encouraged me to turn all my dreams into a reality. He would listen to me talk and talk about how i wanted to open my own shop. He believed in me when most people laughed.

He paid for me to go to Trinity College, he supports my blogging, he rubs my back when my IBS flairs up, he took my fur baby as his own evem though he doesn’t even like cats😉.

I could write a book on all the amazing things asif has done for me and our family.

Im writing this not just to honour Asif”s birthday but to let you ladies know good men do exist, dont ever settle for second best when you deserve the best. You desrve someone who believes in you, who makes you laugh, who will listen to you and stay up with you when you are feeling sick.

When you get a good man, look after him, and treat him as good as he treats you

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