Digestive system (IBS)

Thedigestive system,

Is the tube that runs from the mouth to the anus is a major Highway passing through the body. It is finally beginning to be acknowledged that our health is dependent on this Highway working. A problem in the mouth or stomach can have a big impact on the gut lining and bacteria balance further down.

the mouth

First Stage of digestion happens in the mouth itself. this is where the mechanical Breakdown of food occurs, as we grind or chew with our teeth. Digestion is also Aided by the release of enzymes chemical scissors snipping food into smaller molecules so that they can be absorbed into our bloodstream further down the line. Some of these enzymes are released in our saliva. We often start producing saliva when we smell good food or see attractive food, which is why both cooking food and eating it slowly can I help our digestion rather than just throwing it in a microwave for a minute and eating it out of a container at a desk between responding to urgent emails.
the stomach
Once the food has been broken down by the teeth and mixed around with saliva it goes down the oesophagus to the stomach which is like a stretchy balloon sitting behind a ribs. The stomach is a dynamic organ which can stretch in size to accommodate larger quantities of food. Hydrochloric acid and more enzymes which work before a break down the arriving food spontaneously tossing the food around in a turning action so it gets really well mixed in with the acid and enzymes rather like a washing machine. The mast of food is then pumped through the next chamber gradually by now it’s pretty sludgy.
It usually takes about 4 to 4 1/2 hours for a meal to leave the stomach when our stomach is empty it produces a Hunger hormone which let the brain know it’s time to eat again when the stomach is stretched and full,the secretion hormone stops, giving us that sensation of feeling full

the small intestine

Small intestine is an average 6-7 m long when the food enters your small intestine it should now be sludge as long as you chew properly and your digestive enzyme and acid production are working well. The food takes 3 to 6 hours to pass through this tube and this is where important action absorption happens. This is how all the fuel and nutrients get into our bloodstream. The sludge is squeezed along by automatic contractions this is a very important because if they slow down we can become constipated. The sludge has quite a way to go. The
texture of the inside of this long tube looks like a shag pile carpet, each Strand is Dotted with microvilli which look like the bristles on a brush and unsurprisingly known as the brush border. The Shard pile and brush hairs have been designed to provide an enormous surface area for ease of absorption. If all the strands of the shaggy pile and brush border were stretched out flat the small intestine but have the surface area of a tennis court.
Shag pile carpet gets a huge amount of traffic every day so it can wear out quickly and good quality replacements are constantly being built.
Of course we cant see the texture and see if the small intestine isn’t working right the junctions between the shagg pile come loose and turn less mucus in normal absorption and consequently our whole health can be compromised.

the large intestine

The large intestine or the colon is the final step after the small intestine. This long tube is shorter and fatter than the small intestine and is where any water is absorbed. The residues provide food for the trillions of microbes. For decades bacteria in the gut was considered benign or fairly insignificant significant put between 2008 and 2012 scientists across the US participated in a large-scale research to examine and identify the bacteria in healthy people.
Bacteria runs through the whole digestive system but the majority of it about 1.5 to 2 kg per person lives in the colon.

When did I digestive system isn’t working properly you can be left with a problem such as IBS.
That irritable bowel syndrome and the cars is on known patients often have constipation or loose stools or alternate between the two. There is thought to be a stress and emotional component involved and sometimes this can be the main underlining factor

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