A picture speaks a thousand words

I got this beautiful painting as a gift today. I was totally overwhelmed by it to you it may just be a painti3mf but to me its priceless.

As you can see the painting is of night and day with a wolf and a goat. The painting is a picture of my childhood dreams.

As a very young child my father used to take us to Adare Fair. It was like a farmers market on once a year, there were loads of animals for sale abd market stalls with toys.

The best part of the day was a raffle you could win a goat or a goldfish omg the excitement in me hoping and praying i would win the goat. I never did but my father always said if i won him i could keep him. As a child i would be bursting with excitement waiting for the raffle. Needless to say i never won, before we went home dad would buy us a goldfish, with a bowl and food to share between the 3 of us kids.

It was the best day of the year for me better than christmas and i would spend all year waiting, hoping and praying i would win the goat.

As for the wolf as a child we would watch a tv programme called due south it was about a canadian mounty working in new york city and he had a dog that was half wolf called Diefenbaker so i dreamed of having my wolf as a dog that i was going to call Deiefenbaker and my goat called Billy.

As you can see i was easy pleased as a child. When i looked at the painting i was brought back to those amazing hopes and dreams i had as a child and my favourite day at Adare Fair

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