I had an online hospitality class yesterday it was hard to stay awake for it after working nights but it was an important class to attend. The good thing abouf college now being on line is that all classes are recorded so you can catch up later.

Watching the recorded class means you cant ask questions so attending the class live is important. We were learning about temperatures and the transportation of food.

I already know most of it, at the same time is guaranteed to come up in the exams so i wanted to make sure i was in the class.

After class i sat down at the laptop and re read all the notes we were sent.

I was absolutely exhausted so i set my alarm and went straight to bed. Unfortunately i only got a few hours sleep because i had my marketing class at 6pm.

I got up showered, then went to see my nephew “milks” thats a nickname i have for him since he was born. I brought home macaroons from work so dropped them over to him at sat with him for a while. I then went home got dinner ready and sat my class.

We are finished our marketing module now and are on the communications module, communication sounds easy but there is a whole psychology behind it, its fascinating.

When class was over i completed my online journal which is part as an assignment to be handed in at the end of the module.

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