This is literally me ive had people drag my name through the dirt, tell lies about me, spread nasty rumours. One girl i know very well started a rumour that i was having an affair on my husband….jealous much…

Thankfully the night she said she had seen me with this mysterious man was at home in bed with my husband…imagine her shock when she told him and his reply was i know lol.

What i could never understand was that i had so much dirt on them i could of destroyed them. But i have one thing they don’t i have Loyalty and i thank God for that.

Im fortunate enough to be now surrounded by amazing people, one of my dearest friends is getting citizen of the year award too for all the charitable work she does, i am also surrounded by an amazing family and extended family and i have a husband whom i adore and he adores me so maybe its easier to have Loyalty when i have these amazing people surrounding me

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