Too tired

Im just after finishing night shift, my feet are so sore, i could barely walk home. Im so tired but i cant sleep yet i have an online class at 9.30 for 3 hours its a class in hospitality (work place safety) im enjoying the course but find it hard to take it all in. Attending the class is mandatory on my lunch break in work i go over the notes the lecturer puts on moodle. Im.hoping to sleep late today at least until 7.

Asif was working at 4am yesterday morning then he went to galway to play a cricket match he didnt get back until 7pm last night.

He was so exhausted i was worried about him. He slept on the couch for a few hours before i went to work.

I rang him this morning to make sure he was up for work he has another long day ahead of him again today he left at 4 am and wont be home until after 7pm.

Hope you all have a great day xxx

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