Mitchelle Blair

Ok so what do you all think of this case? There are plenty of YouTube videos on this.. I have not watched them all.. However… have watched about 3 of them.
-There is another Video where she talks about being sexually abused and her mother did nothing.
-She killed her two children 9 (son) and 13 (daughter) for sexually abusing her 3 year old son.
-However there is physical evidence she was abusing all 4 of her kids.
-So in my opinion I think she was so screwed up mentally that she made up this whole thing in her head and started brow beating and scaring the 2 older children into agreeing with her and falsely admitting to hurting their younger sibling.
-They are children and children that are scared and fighting for their life Will comply to appease their abuser especially a parent.
-She never one saw them hurt her younger son and there is no evidence supporting that they hurt him.mitchelle Blair YouTube

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