Life after corona


I can see the street dead
People come out like the walking dead
Loud shouts of joy fills the road
But the pain of the lost souls is still a heavy load

I see the world like a sheep without a Shepard
I watch across my window drag to unknown home
Our government promised but mass can’t be controlled
I pictured the face of the homeless running around but no home to go
The rich suppress the poor cos they had no voice

The end of the world I see through my Bible
Revelations keep coming but no ear is open
Heart locked up never give in to faith cos it was no where to be found
I cry for the little ones who arrived during this time

Now all we have is our hope cos hops has closed the door
Now we broke our mirror cos we are afraid of what we have become
Killing, death and rape as eaten the souls of many without time
Now all we have is our remaining, with us joy and the memories of the departed
Now all we dance to is the tune of hope

Now all we wish is for happiness and peace
As I can look up to the sun that’s brushing my skin
Walk on the beach counting stones and hugging loved ones
Take the moment on pics and drop it on my wall with a caption
Happy it’s over that’s all I can say cos the joy is big to let a word out

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