Friendly Enemy.

I salute thee!
I hail thee!
Lets give a toast to the emotions showed,
Lets dance to the tune of opposite feelings.
Shall I play BETRAYAL?

We joke and laugh
With all dentition,
We laugh and play
But within, with hatred and bitterness
That runs through our heart.

When my feelings are against me,
A jacket of ‘friend in need’ you wear
But in your closet,
You smile and dance with my agony
And give pleasure to all the pain.

A friend when there is food on the table,
An enemy when poverty strikes,
A shadow only when the sun shines.
I wish we could just make stripes of foes
Instead of pretending to be buddies.

You should have been honest.
Tell me you want me dead,
Tell me you’re just an enemy,
Tell me you’re the beast I couldn’t find,
Tell me you are only pretending.

Tell me you are the wolf huffing and puffing,
Tell me you’re the lion roaring,
Tell me you’re a wolf in sheeps clothing,
Look into my eyes and tell me you’re the green snake.

After so many years of animosity,
I was conned by your appearance;
I judged the book by its cover.
Now it’s clear!
How I wish I had knew you from the start.

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