The Hart Children

*The Hart Children*

The Hart children ages 19 – 12 were killed March 26, 2018 by their adoptive parents Jennifer and Sarah Hart when Jennifer Hart drove the family SUV off of a 100 ft cliff in Mendocino County, California near Westport. The car had a “black box” that recorded parameters of the drive and fall. Toxicology results showed that Jennifer Hart at the time of the crash was over the alcohol legal limit. The toxicology tests also found that Sarah Hart and two of their children had diphenhydramine in their systems. Before the crash Sarah Hart made Google searches inquiring about Benadryl, no kill shelters, and the nature of drowning. The children’s names were Hannah (16), Markis (19), Jeremiah (14), Devonte (15), Abigal (14), and Ciera (12). The case was ruled a murder-suicide. Devonte is still considered missing as his body was never located. Positive notes about the children: Markis excelled at a geography bee. Hannah and Jeremiah recited the Greek alphabet. Jeremiah and Abbi taught a kindergarten song to their younger sister Ciera. Devonte came home with a worksheet that listed his classmates’ compliments.

R.I.P Hannah, Markis, Jeremiah, Abigal, Devonte, & Ciera 💕

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– HarlieQuinn

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