Lights off pen on

Its not that I gave up on writing
Its just that gave my mind
Some time to breathe
The ink up my sleeve
You wouldn’t believe
Red ink
start to grieve
This where I take my leave

This is where I go nuke
Flipping through the page
Trying to go Luke
When angels call you
Will demons fall through?

I been chilling with Satan
Red as in hating
We been debating
About my soul
That been latent
While communicating

In the house of the lord
He playing checkers
While I see the whole board
Lost my connection
Like Telkom
no cord

(Lonsta please try again later)
I been praying everyday
In this concrete
Animal in my face
I don’t really even love
I just rolled a j
Now my mind just starts
To rumble

I don’t see no humans
Just see these homo saps
If water gives them life
I be on
Am a heathan
No ape

King Kong
Go get a tape
Am gone
Like smoke
On vape

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  1. lorraine o donoghue says:

    Love this

    Liked by 1 person

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