Take that 1st step

I started back at culinary school, im subjects im studying is menu costing, hospitality customer care, and safe working practices for food abd beverage service. talk about over loading myself. By taking on these modules i have classes monday to friday i didnt plan it very well since i also work 6 days a week and am also studying marketing and studying effective.

For many years now ive had this dream of owning a little food business nothing too crazy maybe a fish and chip van, hot dog stand something like that but they are crazy prices to buy.

That was the reason i went to culinary school to learn to cook like a pro, once i received my qualification i began looking at other things i would need thats why i decided to go back and learn about menus, food costing, customer care etc.

From owning my own business i already know a lot but food is different and the theory side of it is important to know.

Fulfilling your dreams is hard work. Because of all the classes and me playing catch up im exhausted lack of sleep doesnt do anyone any good. So I’m taking tomorrow off from my shop, so i can finish all my assignments and catch up on college work and hit the recommended reading list.

To top it all of my beauty therapy teacher rang me today she wants me to go on with my studies in september and honestly i want to too but i just dont have enough hours in the day. Beauty is something i want to go into and i have a passion for it, so it would be crazy to let this opportunity go past me. So ive emailed the college to see if they can get me into year 2 in a different college, which is less hours in the classroom more hours of studying at home but i could manage that better

No one every said achieving your dreams would be easy and i know im on the right path. Its really hard right now trying to juggle everything but at the same time it is so worth it or at least it will be.

If your like me and you have a dream then turn it into a reality, take that 1st step on the road to dreams i promise you it will be hard but i also guarntee it will be worth it

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