Dear life

Dear Life,

Life gave me lemon,
So I made my lemonade.

Life gave me fruits of different varieties,
So I made my juice.

Life threw me stones,
So I built my abode.

Life gave me pain,
So I learnt my lessons.

Life made me suffer,
So I used that as an opportunity.

Life gave me tough problems in form of mathematics,
So I learnt new steps.

Life gave me difficult words in literacy,
It improves me.

Be not proud.

You want to pull me down?
I’ll rise!

I’ll dust my dress
And pretend I never fell,

Ain’t you tired?
Please don’t stop

Ye taught me,
If gold must be gold, it must pass through fire

Yes, I must,
I must go through pain and sorrow.

I’ll take the pain,
I’ll take the sorrow.

I’m learning all because of you
I’m growing, thanks to life

I’ve experienced alot
I’ve learnt new things

Each time I remember I gat life,
I doff my heart

Saluting the pain
That taught me more

Praising the skills and steps
That keeps me growing

Enjoying the lessons
That makes a better me

I fell, surely I rose
Thanks to life!

All thanks to my teacher
For lessons learnt

An invisible one
Yet visible.

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