What every busy women needs

Im super busy with college, running 2 businesses and working part time. So there are some things that i need to help me out when im crazy busy

1. Dry shampoo its a life saver keeps my hair looking good in between washes.

2.bun shaper its perfect when im having a bad hair day i can throw it up into a messy bun it looks good and so easy to do.

3. In shower tan, this gives tan thursday a whole new meaning, its a massive time saver and amazing. You put it on in the shower just like a moisturiser then shower it off, it comes out perfect and i love it.

4. Tablespoons i know that sounds weird but i put 2 table in the freezer for 20 mins after that i put them on my eyes really helps to make your eyes look refreshed and less tired.

5. Sunglasses when your eyes get tired sunglasses help to stop your eyes stinging plus they look really good

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