Dreaming of a lazy sunday

All week long ive been waiting for today to come, its been my first sunday off in 4 months. I was up early have 2 assignments due in for college next sunday, so i finished one asdignment and i filled in college applications.

Asif is back cricket training he plays for munster last year he broke his hand playing so he was out for the season. He had to get plenty of physio on it to ensure it would be ok for this season.

I made sandwiches for him and his team players and plenty of snacks. By this stage i had a killer headache and was exhausted so i went to bed for a couple of hours.

When i got up i hoovered the whole house, changed the bed covers, dusted, put bins out, done the grocery shopping, organised my clothes for the week ahead, caught up on laundry, cooked dinner now im chilling with the candles lit, the electric fire on and watching shameless.

I dream of lazy sundays and i know i have a future full of them and when i succeed in my business and educational goals

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