For all the women out there

For the exhausted woman who showers a few minutes longer to cry with the water…

For the person hidden in the bathroom, because she needs a few minutes of tranquility with her cigarette while slipping tears from her eyes.

For the woman who is so tired that she feels she can’t continue, that she would give anything to feel like herself again…

For the woman who cries in her room when everyone leaves the house and for a moment she let’s go…

For the woman who desperately battles with self Confidence when wearing a denim pants because she wants to look pretty and wear them to feel better but everything just climbs over or can’t close…

For the woman who asks for dinner pizza because she didn’t reach the time to make dinner again as she expected… Because she’s tired..

For the woman who feels alone, even when she’s accompanied.

You’re worth a lot.
You are important.
You are enough.
You are wonderful…

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