When your falling apart but look good

For those looking in at my life it looks like i have my shit together but in reality both myself and asif are exhausted sometimes we are like ships passing in the night. Our house is tidy but its not spotless, laundry piles up till i get a chance to do it, im always forgetting to get cat food or fish food im one of those mad people going to 24 hour shop at midnight to get them food.

Yesterday was my 1st day off in 3 weeks the tiredness had really hit me on thursday and hasnt left yet.

All i wanted to do was spend the whole day in bed but such as life i couldnt. I had to clean the whole house, when you work 7 days a week its hard to stay on top of things, i had to do grocery shopping, all the laundry, catch up on college classes and finish an assignment that was due yesterday.

Poor Asif came home from work at 4pm we went grocery shopping when we were shopping asif said he fancied pasta for dinner and i said not a chance ( i had already made dinner for him it was sitting in the microwave) i was just so stressed god bless him, when we got home i snapped at him for dragging dirt through the hall (i had cleaned the floors on my hands and knees) after i ‘recleaned it i put the groceries away made my self cheese and crackers and finished my assignment it was handed in late but at least i got it handed in.

Both myself and asif went for a walk and had tea together when we got home.

Then i went straight to bed exhausted.

Today was no better i got up tidied the house, made asif lunch for tomorrow, fed my pets, catch up on my online classes.

Then i slept for a few hours cause im on nights for the next few days. Then i had to deep condition my hair, do a face mask, cook dinner, cut Asif hair, do bit more college work, pay the bins, get bins out for tomorrow and get ready for work.

Busy life busy day

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