Build that life for yourself

Im in the process of building this life for myself. Working my dream job, attending college to better my future. My marriage isnt perfect but its perfect for me. A lot of work goes into living your dream but its worth it. If i can do it anyone can do it. Just remember anything worth having doesnt come easy. Right now im working 7 days a week, trying to keep up with my college work, keep a home, spend time with family and friends and of course spend quality time with my husband and make sure my fur baby and fish are well looked after. Its a lot for one person to do but it is totally worth it.

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  1. Geri Lawhon says:

    I like the idea of building a life I do not need a vacation from. It is so true that you should find a job you like. Great post and thank you.

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    1. I truly believe its the only way to go we spend so much time at work it might as well be a job that you love

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