Do you

There are so many people who feel like they’re unimportant, invisible, unloved, uncared for, and generally that they don’t belong here. There are so many people in the world and yet so many people feel like they are completely abandoned and alone. πŸŒπŸ’”

Do you feel invisible?
That you aren’t really here?
Do you feel sometimes that life is too harsh a sentence to bear?

Do you feel no one would miss you if you just disappeared?
That there’s no real purpose for you?
You’re just a filler in someone else’s world?

Do you feel completely insignificant?
And have always been reminded that this is so?
That you never should have been born?
A mere burden to those you know?

Do you feel like there’s a remote possibility that time will disprove your theory?
Do you wish you could go to another universe to try out a new identity?

Do you think that you’ll eventually be seen?
Maybe make a life like the one from your dreams?
Do you think it’s possible for hope to prevail?
To find yourself worthy of a future day?

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