Goodbye tears

Goodbye Tears

Life is not short
But life is eternal
Coz life is the spirit
The flesh is short
Coz it dies
But life never dies
Coz life is a spirit
Life can’t be seen
I can’t see the pain in you
Coz it’s affixed in your life
I can see the tears on your eyes
Coz it’s affixed in your flesh
Life travels that endures all alone
Life is the greatest gift of everything
That stays on earth for just a while
Blown away like a tiny particle in the wind
There is nothing like to be good to all
There you are and here I am
Under the blue one skies
Nothing stands permanent
For both happiness and tears
Let life travel to eternal peace
The destiny of eternal happiness
Take all your tears as blessings
Stay with your tears and don’t let it go
Coz you’ll never find for the rest of your life
The tears and pain you will missed forever
Untill then goodbye tears.

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