I love you

I love you
You love me
I want us to be what I see in my dreams
I shoud call you a goal because you are something I wanna achieve
And claim and make you mine
Take you every where so I can brag that I got a one of a kind
Fine, smart and a boss a*s b*tch when the time is right
I wanna give you the world with all my strength and my might
And baby you are a boss and a queen in my eyes
We gonna have alot of fun together I’m not gonna lie
Don’t need to sugar coat it and no need to be shy
Getting real freaky as the temperature rises
Feeling that energy you giving off, ohh baby hold me tighter
Ohhh its nice to dream; and just to keep you happy
I’ll give you the universe if the world doesn’t get it right
I’ll give you anything you want
As long as its in the bracket of commitment and love
Shorty I miss your hugs and your presents
I miss when we talked for hours about our childhood adolescence
And that B. S we would be talking
And the future and the life we trying to get in
And that early morning message
Of how much I mean to you so I wont forget it
I haven’t forgotten all your likes, your dreams and future life and your fetish
Still don’t know alot about you; and I’m keen on leaning
So come and teach me course I’ll always be hear to listen
Just remember no matter what you mean the world to a person
And that person is me waiting for that special moment I get to feel your loving kisses

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