its ok

It’s ok to smile again,
To laugh again,
To love.
It’s ok to live again,
And thank the skies above.
It’s ok to dance and sing
And let your love run free.
Its ok to let things go;
What will be will be.
Its ok to open up
And walk through every door.
It’s ok to feel alive;
Don’t hold this pain no more.
It’s ok to love yourself;
The hurt is not of you.
Its ok to appreciate
When light is shining through.
It’s ok to miss someone
Who once was in your heart,
But its not ok to feel the weight
Of when that love does part,
For everything in life does change,
And that is ok too,
But the love you hold inside
Will always be with you.
Its ok, just feel that love
Running through your veins.
Its ok to wipe those tears
And learn to live again

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  1. rexis says:

    Great flow

    Liked by 1 person

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