Death stole…


You came like a thief and you stole our lives
Our dreams
Our families
Our friends
Dear you death I wrote a letter for you
Living my family cliff heart is crying in pains and egony
Death You can be proud jump up high as you like, but their souls will never be forgotten to us all.
Here I am waiting for you to come one day is yet to come and very soon
Tears of fear dear you death our love once are our memories
You stole their lives
Their faces
Their smiles on their poor faces
Their laughter when they laugh in pain death you were thus happy and proud
Sorrowful stories history of their existence is yet to come from our elders
You are the existence of history memories in mind never dies for history helps us not to forget our loved once.
You took all allowing your will to happen unto us and that gives you power and fame.
You such a looser and kaward for you come only in darkness where voices are less in happiness and much in pain.
Still going on……….. 📑

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