A mothers love

In 1943, Dita Gerlitz (6 years old) and her parents, Sara and Yehiel, were locked up in the Będzin Ghetto in Nazi-occupied Poland. Dita’s mother knew that their next destination would most likely be death, so shortly before the ghetto was liquidated, she found a Christian couple, Theodor & Jaroslawa Florczak, who entered the ghetto and took Dita away. When they did, Sara gave the couple a letter to be read to Dita when she would be older. This letter said: “My beloved and most precious child, I am taking with me your beloved image, as you have been in our home, your childish, sweet talk, the smell of your pure body, the rhythm of your breathing, your smile. I want you to know that your mother was a proud person, despite all the humiliation we suffered from our enemies, and if it is her destiny to die, she will die without weeping, with a scornful smile for her hangmen. I hug you to my heart, kiss you fervently, and bless you with all the power of a mother’s heart and love. Your mother”. Shortly after, Sara and Yehiel were deported to separate Nazi camps, and went through hell, but they miraculously survived the Holocaust and were reunited with their precious daughter. The little family later settled in Israel, and never forgot Dita’s rescuers. In 2010, Yad Vashem recognized Theodor & Jaroslawa Florczak as Righteous Among the Nations.

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