what a normal week is like for me

as most of you know i run my own business the light of my life Victoria H t/a the curiosity shop, then i also have an online business with my friends from college “Vintage Girl” with two businesses its crazy but i also work part time for Circle K most people would think thats more than enough for any one person and if i was normal i might agree but im definitely not so too top it all off im studying to be a beautician, also doing a business diploma in organic skin care, i am hoping to bring out my own beauty range and have already started making my sample perfumes and creams i have sourced the bottles and am coming up with business names im loving each new thing i learn and am enjoying it all unfortunately i have to finish classes online as the colleges here closed due to covid 19.

i am also doing an autism awareness course as several of my customers children have autism and when they bring them into the store i want them to have a great experience and feel comfortable in our shop so i want to learn as much as i can. i am also studying marketing and communications as when i do bring out my skin care range that i will be able to market it and brand it myself in home.

then i am doing virtual leadership course its kind of hard but im doing it as i believe online is the way forward so i want to know how to do all of those conference calls, skype, zoom and everything else involved with the virtual side of things.

i have my blog which i adore and its a hobby of mine but i spend at least 2 hours a day on it so that on top of a 10 hour working day is a busy day but i love it all. its hard to find the time to do it all but i always seem the manage the only thing that holds me back is my IBD and tiredness.

this week i have all that work load and my nephews birthday party, then im trying to organise a little party for my best friend as its here birthday on the same day, and we have fathers day so i will when other things come up i struggle big time with exhaustion but it is always worth it

so throw a husband into the mix, with a cat and gold fish and its a crazy life.

i dont know how to live my life any other way anytime i do anything my husband says ‘dont tell me that was another dream of yours’ because i have so many dreams and ambitions and when i aim for one i say to him ‘this has always been my dream’ he turns it into a joke and laughs but in reality i had so many dreams growing up and im trying to accomplish them all.

i try to enjoy everyday as i know that tomorrow it could all be gone, businesses are closing down every day of the week and its a scary time for business owners im lucky so far my business is strong and i can see it staying that way but i was big at keeping any profits in reserves in case something was to happen so when covid 19 came i had the finance in reserves to help financially and i work another job to pay my tuition fees in college and allow me to be able to treat myself weekly and do things that i might not be able to do.

Photo by Nadi Lindsay on Pexels.com

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