how are you doing

its been a crazy long week and I am both mentally and physically exhausted. I’m so happy that my business is back open and thank god we had a nice little week and got to meet all our customers again but its been draining on me on Monday I worked 20 hours straight with just a 20-minute break when I got home I could barely move I just went straight to bed no dinner or nothing. my eyes were stinging me from tiredness [a little tip i learned was if your eyes are feeling really tired then sunglasses help so much they take that exhausted feeling from your eyelid], and my week carried on from there i have been working for 14 days straight with not so much as a lunch break [the joys of being self-employed] to top it off i have 2 online classes that i didn’t get to attend to catch up on and a lot of Facebook post sharing for my business to do tonight and i promised my husband his favorite meal tonight [ guilt crept in from neglecting him all week] so the pressure is on and like always i want to be the best and i just can’t be.

i found all week long that people are relying on me way too much needing me to cover there shop for them, needing me to help open or close there shop and i feel like certain people are leeching on to me and its utterly exhausting. right now i just want to lock myself in a room and sleep my brains out but it’s not possible.

because of all my coming and goings, my IBD is after flaring up, for those of you that don’t know IBD is, it stands for Inflammatory bowel disease it is a term for two conditions Crohns disease and ulcerative colitis, because I’m literally exhausted and haven’t had a long sleep in over 2 weeks is the reason for my flair up so the pain, discomfort and the constant running to the toilet is making me feel worse and I’ve had it since Wednesday so its been a long draining week i have no one else to blame only myself and i seem to never learn but that’s me.

I won’t have a day off for a good few days yet so I’m praying that my IBD will settle down on its own. call me crazy but the only reason that i work so hard it because i am one of the lucky ones who get to live my dream everyday and i know that with the way things are going it could all be gone tomorrow. so i want to savor every second i can and know that i worked so hard so if it gets really successful i know i will deserve it because i worked for it.

the link for my shop is below if any of you would like to take a look at our Facebook page

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