We are soldiers

We Are Soldiers

Yesterday we lowered ourselves and ceased,
Today, we’ll quiet down the roaring beast;
So tomorrow for our families’ gift,
They shall reside in silence and in peace.

We wear our uniform like St. Michael
Who fight the Devil and his disciples.
We will stand our ground including trials
Until we received the winning title.

The crime against public though unpublished
Such wicked act must not pass unpunished,
Through the mountain of felons on the list;
We will root out the reasons of blemished.

It’s true, to hurt each other is not good
For we’re all working and hunting for goods;
But to the test of time, some always stood
To cut off the radical brotherhood.

Yesterday is cloudy, stormy and sad
Just like wars and disorders we have had,
But battling for harmony make us glad
Contrary to those who make this world bad.

And so today, we load ammos and go
To wrestle our times until tomorrow;
If we went off course and can’t overthrow . . .
The next platoon may hit the final blow.

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