Its ok not to be ok

It’s okay to let out some steam. It’s okay to feel betrayed but don’t ever think that’s your fault. It’s okay not to feel appreciated because, oh well, that’s life. It’s okay to feel undermined because it happens. The world is a cruel place and we should have the same face to be safe. We like to justify every activity that is going on in our life. “I have fake friends because I don’t deserve more.” There is no reason for everything that happens in our life and it’s okay. To be honest, life gets hard sometimes.

She wakes up and she doesn’t like what she sees. See, it’s not because she thinks she is ugly, it’s more than that. At times, it makes her feel like a bag of garbage. She gets so pissed off, that she takes it out on others. When she thinks of what she has done, she feels embarrassed because she knows deep inside, that’s not her. She looks at how she lives lately and she gets frustrated because she has not accomplished half of what she thought she would. She feels like all she does, is work and sleep and it drives her crazy to know there is nothing more for her. If you ask her what’s wrong, she will say “fine”. She discusses it so well but she is dying inside. It pains me that all it takes to hide her injured soul, is a fake smile around the world and they will never know how broken she is. She has never found peace and she is tired of trying.

There is a boy in the street acting all rough. He wants everyone to see him as all tough. He tries to grow his ego to hide what he goes through. Outside, he roars like a lion. Inside, he meows like a kitten. If only someone could take a look at him and know how he seeks to be fed. He wants milk but all he gathers is meat. He wants to be tamed but everyone is afraid of his wild. He puts everyone down thinking it will rise him up. No one sees the agony in his eyes. No one cares of his soul that is burnt. This is his way of getting attention. If only, the people around him could pay attention.

It’s okay to feel desperate because as much as we care to admit it, we all feel hopeless in situations that we can’t fix. It is fine not be yourself at times, the world does not wish to have someone who cannot change with situation. Life does not have all the answers we need .

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