What have we done to you

You didn’t come to us, but we did,
you didn’t ask to be worshipped, but we did
You were living in your own happy place,
never had set eyes on a human face

But one of us came, and then two,
but you didn’t mind much, did you?
We knew you thought we were friends,
we also knew how it was to end

You let your children play with us,
you worked in our mills, you trusted thus
While “playing” with, we trained them,
Free labour! Well, who’d condemn?

On one hand, we worshipped your form too,
and that made all our deeds so easy to do
’cause once to the almighty we had prayed,
regardless of what we’d done, we’d get good grade

To stand on hind legs we taught you,
you thought we were friends, but you had no clue
We made you toil, we made you suffer,
we made your life tougher and tougher

One day, while you were with your child playing,
we did something, worse than just betraying
You see, we had seen your tusks now,
and we were going to get them whether or not you’d allow

You saw us and smiled in-spite of the past,
but finally the mask had come off, and we were poachers at last
While your child watched, we took you down,
took away your tusks, leaving you with more than just a frown

Something else died too in the universe that day,
ironically for us it was still some really good pay
From now on, there were no masks,
Friends who? Now you were just some big money tasks!!

The atrocities didn’t just stop there,
we also caught up on the rest of the fair
We tamed and ate and sold and hunted,
we preferred that than making friends instead

It was just so much fun.. all of it!
we wondered why some of us didn’t admit
We said they had agendas, money to make,
and that they did it because they had in it some stake

If we hadn’t crossed the line before, today we did,
you were so hungry and just wanted to feed
So you came to us, your friends, and you came in peace,
but we were bored, so we started to tease

We used our old favourite cunning we did,
today we hid fire crackers in food we pretended to feed
You must’ve thanked us seeing the food,
having something to eat at the brink of motherhood

You must’ve thought of us as friends after all,
thinking, ‘they’re so nice, there’s no brawl’
but then you must’ve been shocked with horror,
were you still thinking there must be some error?

Now did you still think we were friends?
would you still have believed and made amends?
I ask because you still didn’t hurt us you see?
you were still kind and harmless, just as friends should be

We are sorry from the bottom of our heart,
for in this friendship, we didn’t really do our part
So If you meet the almighty, please tell them so,
just tell them exactly what we did too

Tell them we don’t deserve this planet,
tell them this species isn’t really the greatest
That even if we go to Mars,
we will still carry along that “humanity” of ours.

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