Only one

If you wanted to know my deepest part
you must have listen to my broken heart
Only you, could end my pain
cause you’re the one who could
make my heart whole again

But you didn’t want to know my deepest part
so here I am again, at the very start
Closing my eyes and dream of you
that you’ll come back
and help me through

My heart is full of pain and it’s overloaded
My crying heart has now exploded
For you, I would all over again
doing all that’s hurts
like drying in the desert or drowning in the rain

When I’m with you, my darkness is gone
cause you’re my sun, moon, stars and dawn
If you say you maybe come back one day
I will suffer out of love, but I will wait
Every day I would pray

Inside it’s feels like everything dies
and I’m ready for final goodbyes
But my deepest part
are breathing and I’m still alive
Maybe I don’t need you to heal my heart

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