Let them laugh

Sometimes in life we want to do something but we are so afraid of what others will think of us that we let their opinions hold us back. We have an inate fear if been laughed at or talked about from my own personal experience when i opened my shop, people did talk everyone said i would fail, i lost friends because of it but i gained alot i made new like minded friends, i got to turn a dream into a reality and to top it all of i got to prove everyone wrong. So please dont let others hold you back from reaching your full potential.

My perfume bottles finally arrived after waiting months for them to be delivered. They are exactly what i wanted and i spent the whole day making my perfume samples and packaging them. So to begin with i am going to release 2 perfumes in time for christmas. One will be a roller perfume and the other one will be a spray bottle 2 different scents

Im so excited. Since im happy with my bottles and packaging and I’m in love with the scent.

To help me be prepared for the release of my products im currently studying marketing and advertising. Ive also started an organic skincare course which will go nicely with my aromatherapy qualifications.

My future is exciting im going to turn my box room into a studio, im going to finish my qualifications to be a beauty therapist, ive my organic skincare course which im loving, ive to finish my marketing course, release my perfume and my vintage girl jewellery business and of course my pride and joy the curiosity shop.

I dont let other peoples opinions hold me back and either should you. Its hard to take the first step but it is so worth it.

Remember you will get a 1000 views before you get a 1000 likes because in life people rather watch from afar than compliment you

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