Depression is a monster that
makes you feel down
Sometimes it’s even there to
worsen up your frown
But sometimes it’ll make you
happy when your not
really there
And sometimes it show a
blank expression like you
don’t really care
There are days when it’s off
your back and the truth is
it’s untold
Then there are days it’s on your
back a very heavy load
The days without it you do all
you said
Yet the days with it sometimes
you don’t leave your bed
You’re social and you’re active
without it in your life
Then it cuts you out of the
picture just like it’s a knife
Sometimes it craves for you to
talk to someone on the
And sometimes it just wants
you to feel like you’re all
There are days it knocks you
down with not much of a
And there are days it tries so
hard by using all it’s might
The fight is now over and
you’re taking your turn
You get the help you need and
in Hell it can burn

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