You deserve better

Dear Girls πŸ‘§
Stop apologizing and blaming yourself even though you did nothing wrong. stop crying, Everyday for someone who doesnt care about you or how you feel. He hurt you, played you and broke your heart into piecea and you still cry for him, no girl don’t allow him the satisfaction of seeing you suffer, dont prove him right that your nothing without him. your something is on the way for you, to help you be better without him. I know it’s not easy to let it go of someone you love, but if loving them only bring you tears 😭 and pain then why do you settle, i mean you still have a lot to offer to someone who deserves you and you are unique and beautiful. Nothing has really changed about you, i hate it when a girl is going through shit because of a man who is not willing to grow up

from today i just want to tell you this”you deserve better and you dont need guy to realize your worth

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