Look at yourself

Look at yourselves.
What exactly are you doing?
Burning down businesses,
protesting by rioting and looting?
Some clothes and electronics,
is that the value of your brother?
There are many ways to voice your anger,
but surely you can find another.
I know you want answers, and…
maybe some kind of peace.
You’ve lost far too many…
at the hands of corrupt police.
You won’t change anything with violence,
change is slow but it will come.
Your scars will always be there,
long after the pain and tears are gone.
There is conflict among you…
this eventually must be addressed.
We must remain united if…
we are to prevent another tragic death.
I’ve seen the good in people,
I’ve experienced this first hand.
People have had enough of the hate,
it is an ugly stain on this great land.
I believe in Dr. King’s dream….
and I believe it will be so.
An America we’re all proud of…
where our children can live and grow.
A beautiful and better America…
just there within our grasp.
An America strengthened by its people,
and racism will be a thing of the past.

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