From Time To Quality Time

Time has defined reality for eons of years

Every moment is punctured by time

Every day is polluted by time

Time is everywhere

From our classrooms and boardrooms

To our holidays

Everything is measured in time

Our problems are merged with time

Making our solutions time-dependent

It’s not possible to hold time in our hands

But yet we have tied time to our agendas

We have magnified the meaning of reality

And piled a lot of time on top

It’s seemingly impossible to stop time

But the truth is that

Time is finite

As we expand our thoughts

Time will shrink in stature

As we delve in spiritual realities

Time will disappear

Time has no meaning in the everlasting realm

It’s neither present nor meaningful

It’s not necessary to count days when you’re submerged in Love

It’s total foolishness to count time outside the canvas of life and death

It’s recklessness to pursue time inside the realm of eternity

It will be a pleasure to unchain ourselves from the reckless hands of time

COVID-19 outbreak gave us an opportunity to retrospect

Reflecting on the benefits of chasing after time and materialism

It’s important that we add “quality” to our timelines (timeframes)

And construct a reality based on quality time

A panacea that will bandage our mind, body and souls

And bring healing to our spirits

It’s time we expand quality time to every human being on earth

Let’s avail resources to all

And unveil a new world order

Based on quality time (and Love)

© Kenneth Maswabi


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