Reminder to always monitor children

This story is heartbreaking and a harsh reminder to always monitor children, even if they aren’t your own.
3 year old Kamille “Cupcake” Mckinney was the daughter of April Thomas and Dominic Mckinney. The family lived together in Birmingham, Alabama. On the day of October 12th, 2019, Cupcake attended a birthday party with her older brother who was 11 years old. It is unknown if Cupcake’s parents attended the birthday party or who the party was for. However, by the end of that party, there was no sign of a Cupcake.
Surveillance video showed Cupcake and another little girl playing in a courtyard near where the birthday party was taking place around 7:24pm. Apparently the girls had wandered off from supervision. At first, the girls appeared to be alone, but eventually an unknown man is shown walking past the two girls. He did not interact with the girls at all. Then as the children were distracted picking up something up off the ground, another man approached the two girls. This time the new man began to say something to them that persuaded them to walk off and follow him. Even though this seemed like a good lead, it got confusing when the second girl Cupcake was playing with made it back safely to the party. Cupcake did not.
When it was discovered that Cupcake never returned, the police were finally called. During the initial investigation and speaking to people from the party, a 10 year old boy came forward saying that he witnessed Cupcake being put into a dark blue or black SUV and she was crying. Another child supported this claim and described the suspects. He said that there were two people inside the SUV, a man and a woman. The man had “bad teeth” and the woman was a “chunky black woman.”
The childrens’ reports began to check out when a further investigation revealed that earlier that day, a man and woman in a blue Toyota Sequoia approached two young school girls that were leaving cheerleading practice. The man rolled down his window and told one of the girls that he was looking for someone who looked similar to her and offered her candy. The girls immediately felt uncomfortable and rejected his offers before walking away quickly. Other children nearby supported this story as well by saying that a man and woman were weirdly driving around trying to hand children candy. Surveillance video near the school confirmed that this incident took place.
After gathering these details, police narrowed their investigation down to the surrounding areas. They started checking surveillance from multiple areas. It was discovered that a blue Toyota Sequoia was seen pulling up to a gas station. A black male exits the car and enters the gas station. He is seen buying a total of 18 dollars worth of candy.
At this point, police were on the search for these two people. An amber alert was released regarding Cupcake and the two unknown persons of interest.
The next day, citizens called police to report a car that matched the description connected to the amber alert. The car was found at a house near the Woodside condominiums in Center Point. Two suspects living at the residence were taken into custody around 8pm.
Their names were Patrick Stallworth and Derick Brown. However, Derick Brown was not the actual name of the girlfriend. Her real name was Quintessa Jackson. Why was she going by a different name?
Apparently she had a very rough past. In 2009, she was arrested for burglary and later got in further trouble when violating her probation. In December of 2010, she was arrested again. In 2018, CPS ended up removing her children from her care due to her relative reporting her for putting her child in a washing machine as punishment. This relative ended up getting custody of all four of Derick Brown’s children. However, the day after her fourth child was taken away, Ms. Brown showed up at her family member’s doorstep and pointed a gun at her. She then took all her children back.Police were called due to concern that Derick Brown would hurt herself and her children. Despite easy efforts to take the children back, Derick Brown took police on a reckless chase where she ended up crashing her car with her children in it. With all of this in mind, a relative of Brown’s said she was just very rough around the edges and dealt with lots of mental health issues.
After the arrest of both Patrick and Derick, inappropriate pictures of children were found on Patrick’s phone. He was charged with 7 counts of possession and intent to distribute child pornography. Derick was held on past kidnapping charges connected to her children because her bond was revoked. Cupcake was not one of the children in the pictures, but police began to question the two about the little girl’s whereabouts. Both denied having any idea what the police were talking about.
For whatever reason, Stallworth was released 4 days after being charged with child pornography charges. Derick Brown was kept in police custody. As the investigation continued, it was concluded that the second man that approached and coaxed the two little girls near the birthday party was Patrick Stallworth.
Both of their lawyers claimed their clients were innocent.
As the days passed with no sign of Cupcake, on October 21st, Derick broke down and decided to talk to the police. When doing so, she revealed where they could locate her body.
On October 22nd, police were directed to a dumpster where they officially located 3 year old Kamille “Cupcake” Mckinney’s little body.
Patrick Stallworth’s DNA was found under the little girl’s fingernails and there was a tiny scratch on his chest. Her autopsy revealed that she had traces of Meth and Trazadone in her system, along with the cause of death being suffocation. Furthermore, it was determined that she was killed the very same day that she was taken from the birthday party…
Both suspects’ stories were completely different.
Derick Brown’s side (girlfriend):
Derick claimed that she had no idea that Cupcake was taken by Patrick. However, one of the witnesses stated they saw Cupcake inside the SUV crying. Therefore, Cupcake would have been easily heard and noticed. There was surveillance from the store that the pair stopped at and Derick Brown’s attitude was presented as very unbothered and calm.
When they got back to the apartment, Derick said she walked into the bathroom where Patrick was and she thought that she saw a tiny shadow. She explained to police that she thought she was hallucinating because she had done Meth and taken Trazadone which is a sedative and depression medication. Then she said she smoked a cigarette, made a sandwich, took a nap. When she woke up from the nap, she said she went to smoke another cigarette and on the way out, she noticed Cupcake sitting on the couch. She explained that she saw Patrick forcing the child to perform a sexual act on him. Despite seeing this, Derick told police she just went back to sleep. When she woke up again, she explained to Patrick what she had seen, but he denied it and convinced her she was seeing things.
The next day, Brown said that she witnessed Patrick leaving the apartment with a black trash bag and asked her where the lighter fluid was.
Patrick Stallworth’s side (boyfriend):
He claims he walked into the couple’s place and saw Cupcake sitting on the couch with Derick Brown. Apparently he told his girlfriend “that’s not your child” and Derick replied with saying she wanted to keep the child. Mr. Stallworth went on to say that Derick Brown presented the idea of him abusing Cupcake. He said he adamantly refused and went outside to smoke a cigarette, but when he came back in, Derick had stripped Cupcake’s clothes off, bathed her, and then suffocated her. In Patrick’s words “she went to sleep.”
Police were able to confirm a few things though. After the couple took Cupcake back to the apartment, Patrick went to another gas station and bought an energy drink and sexual performance pill. There was also a blood stained plastic mattress cover and Cupcake’s DNA inside the apartment. All of this lead to confirmation that they had the right suspects.
An inmate who interacted with Stallworth inside prisonreported that Stallworth confessed to killing Cupcake on accident.
As new coverage increased, the public began to fire at Cupcake’s mother for leaving her two children at the birthday by themselves.
The host posted a status saying: “No we could not watch anyone else’s kids, we had too many of our own there but from what I keep hearing the mother was never watching them. I never met the mother nor child so I can’t say that for myself cause I don’t know her personally so I’m not judging no one.I had 20 to 30 kids of my own that we had to keep up with. We fed that little girl though and gave her cake, but after that, we didn’t know nothing.”
Cupcake’s mother disputed this claim and stated that multiple family members were around watching her.
Stallworth, 39, Brown, 29, were charged with capital murder of a child under the age of 14. If convicted, both could face the death penalty. Jefferson County Circuit Judge Clyde Jones is presiding over the cases.
Retrieved from: THE CRIME ROOM

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