too old for this

for the last few weeks i have had great difficulty  sleeping its like I’m suffering from insomnia i am awake nearly all night last night i fell asleep around 12 midnight and then i woke up as bright as a button at 2am and I’ve been awake since then  😦 its driving me slowly insane Asif is pretty much the same and it only just hit me what our problem is.

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back before COVID 19 hit and long before the lockdown both my self and Asif were crazy busy we barely had time to bless ourselves, he was working over 14 hours a day and me i was double jobbing it and travelling all around the country and trying to make it to college on time.

we both lived very stressful lives with days that were jam-packed and now we are both only working one job each, my college is online and neither of us are stressed or exhausted.

i remember it wasn’t that long ago where i went to bed without dinner because i was just too exhausted to eat and Asif would just be dying for a cup of tea but too tired to make it,

we would just fall into bed after such a busy day and within minutes we would both be in a deep sleep, and we would repeat, it all over again the next morning after about 6 hours sleep.

we aren’t sleeping because we aren’t tired our bodies arent tired, our minds aren’t tired. neither of us have anything to be stressed about since we are only working 1 full time job each. it hit me this morning that we are like adrenaline junkies we both need to be busy we are workaholics and I’m definitely a stress junkie i seem to get so much done when I’m stressed, i always have a clean house, laundry done and food now that we have more time at home we seem to be getting less done i suppose we have no structure or at least not a structure we are used to. this is the 1st week I’ve had 2 days off since all of this and omg I’m bored i got up at 6am to get ready to go visit my parents ( garden visit) I’m just home now and I’m on hold with eir customer care I’m in a 30-minute queue and I know I will probably be here for much longer than an hour.

two weeks ago Asif upgraded his phone and it came with a 5G sim card and a pair of air buds he received the phone but didn’t get his air buds or sim card to essentially the phone is no good to him as he can’t use it, i have rung them twice in the last 2 weeks and they promised me each time they would send them out to him and he still hasn’t received them. I have been a customer of EIR for a long time and before now I have never had a problem with them but I have heard loads of stories about how bad their customer service is and with the experience, I have with them I would have to agree there customer service is crap.

Asif is a very sensitive soul and this has caused him to be stressed, its not my personality to get stressed over something like this but he is and if its important to him then i have to make it important to me. that’s why I’m waiting for a rep to take my call.  Asif has rang them himself but he feels that people don’t take him serious due to the fact that he is a foreign national, personally i don’t think people treat him but he feels they do.

i was on hold for 30 mins then got disconnected I am on hold again hopefully this won’t take all day, I’m so angry over this for him that i opened up a twitter account hoping to get through to them quicker lets see which one works faster. the problem is i don’t really know how to work twitter but I’m guessing my way through it well at least i found @eir so I’m not that bad. i am feeling too old for this

i will let you know which one gets the fastest response

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