Did O.J Simpson get away with murder

Two photos of Nicole Brown Simpson used in court to prove OJ Simpson’s violent nature.

In a letter that surfaced after her 1994 murder, Nicole Brown Simpson detailed the fear and violence that framed her marriage to O.J. Simpson.

Simpson gave her “disgusted” looks with each pound she gained in her first pregnancy in 1988 and “beat the holy hell” out of her a year later when the couple told an X-ray lab she fell off a bike, she wrote.

Simpson was investigated multiple times by the police for domestic violence and pleaded no contest to spousal abuse in 1989. Brown filed for divorce on February 25, 1992, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason.

Following the divorce, Simpson and Brown got back together.

Audio released during the murder trial of O. J. Simpson revealed that Brown called 9-1-1 on October 25, 1993, crying and saying that “He is going to beat the shit out of me.” After this incident, the relationship would end for a second and final time.

Less than a year later, on June 12, 1994, Brown and friend Ron Goldman were fatally stabbed outside her Los Angeles condominium as her two young children slept inside.

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