Doctor death

John Bodkin Adams A.K.A.: “Doctor Death”

On October 1, 1956, police confronted long-standing doctor John Bodkin Adams with considerable evidence that he was a serial killer who had taken over 100 lives. His trial for murder took place in 1957.

Adams was strategically, politically, and economically savvy. He was able to befriend the local mayor and other notable figures as well as borrow from patients to invest in property and cars. This provided passive income while he worked and allowed him to continue killing beneath the facade of a distinguished gentleman.

Adams’s motive for murder was simple: greed. He killed his patients in various ways. Before doing so, he often convinced them to give up a large part of their income. For example, prior to killing one woman’s husband, Adams tried to persuade the wife to give him a portion of her inheritance for his “attempts” to save her husband.

As he made house calls, Adams was also invited into patients’ homes to care for them. There, he would maliciously murder them. Adams was a professional con man who blurred the lines of medical practice, murder, and euthanasia.

Oh, and that trial in 1957 where he was facing execution by hanging? He was found not guilty. Though he was barred from medical practice due to the scandal and stripped of his license, Adams died a free man in 1983.

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