I remember praying for what i have now

Since i was a child i remeber hoping, praying and wishing that when i would grow up i would marry a prince, have my owm shop and go to college as i grew up my dreams never changed much i still wanted to marry, i wanted to own a home and an investment property, i wanted to own my own business and attend the best college in Ireland “Trinity college” . Im unbelievably lucky i bought my home, met my prince, we bought an investment property and land, i opened my own business, and this year i graduated from trinity college.

I worked hard for it all but i feel so lucky and i always say to Asif that god gave me more than i ever prayed for.

Not only did i get all of that but we also have a mobile home, brand new cars, surrounded by amazing friends and family, we both have good jobs, we have our fur babys, an amazing relationship, im a blogger, have had amazing opportunities in the fashion world, ive opened a second business with my besties, im now studying to be a make up artist. Im so excited for my future. I want you all to know that you should never give up on your dreams, because dreams do come true, it takes focus, hard work and sacrifices but its so worth it because to live your dream is rare but so amazing and both Asif and i feel like the luckiest people in the world.

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