Is it fun

They call it fun, i call it
emotional hurting.
Since childhood It’s
Talking about the
weapon of
indirect murder.
It’s bullying , may be
agreeing with me
is harder,
Let me explain,try
to relate,
Because of it a child
started to hate.
Guess what! they hate
because of others,
Sad reality is bullying
began from friends, sisters or brothers.

Body shaming is a
dangerous type of it.
Which makes a victim
mentally unfit.
At times suicidal
tendency grow up
in them.
Only themselves
they started
to blame.
Creator created them
fat, thin,Black or short.
Why we have to hit their
weak Spot?
Why don’t we realise
the fact?
Our comment caused
the worst ever impact.

Physically they look
fine, but their heart badly blast
To create awareness,
teacher’s role is must.

Infact everyone
have a role.
To encourage a child
to dream & reach
their goal.
Those who Bullied in
Some of them fails to recover for good.
It’s really serious,
doesn’t seem though
At the end prevent
someone to
naturally grow.
Let’s stop it, It’s an
Unknown sin.
Start accepting people,
how they have been.

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