lf l could have one wish…
ld wish that you were here,
l would take you in my arms
and share this love l feel.
lf l had one chance at Love
l’d want it to be with you.
l’m a prisoner of your heart
Sounds crazy, but it’s true.
lf l could find that special place
and also the perfect words
l would write you a beautiful poem
unlike anything anyone has ever heard.
We could run away from here,
and leave everything forever
l would follow you anywhere,
as long as we were together.
We could live out our dreams,
and melt inside each others heart.
I could read you my silly poems,
and go for long walks in the park.
We could watch the sunset…
watch it until it’s completely gone.
Gaze up at the endless stars,
and simply lay in each other’s arms.
lf l had just one wish…
l know what l would do,
l would wish you’d stay forever,
Babe, You are my wish come true❤

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