Mysterious death

On December 2, 2010. Phoebe Handsjuk was found dead at the bottom of a garbage chute in Balencea apartments in St Kilda, Melbourne, Australia. She had fallen 40m and her foot was almost cut clean off. She bled to death as she dragged herself around the floor trying to get out.

There was blood all throughout her apartment and 2 glasses on the bench. She and her boyfriend Ant, had had an extremely rocky relationship and had being in an on and off relationship for 4 years.

Phoebe, Ant and her grandfather Lorne had plans to go out to dinner that night. Ant arrived home with take out for one. The blood in her apartment was never tested.

Her case was ruled a suicide despite the fact the chute was high on the wall and barely big enough to fit her.

I am genuinely interested in your opinions. Was she murdered? Was it suicide? Theories?

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