Marriage isnt perfect

Marriage isnt always perfect and im sure during this lockdown a lot of married couples are arguing a lot. Myself and asif have never had so much time together and im loving it we are cooking together which we never had time to do before, we go for long walks together, we get to enjoy it because we arent stressed and overworked. Its been Amazing ive had plenty of time to do my online classes without having to stress about having enough time. The atmosphere in our hone is so relaxing and its full of laughter. Thats not to say we havent had arguments cause we have, we had 2 arguments lol they were the most stupidest arguments one was about where to put utensils it lasted about 10 mins asif won and was totally ridiculous, the next one was over a dress i loved it and felt a million dollars with it on and he didnt like it i won that argument. Asif and i arent perfect we are like everyone else with arguments but we are so much in love

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