True crime

Evening True Crime Fans 🖤

Not quite a unsolved Murder BUT someone was to blame for the demise of poor Rhoda Derry….. ☹️

This is a photo of Rhoda Derry in an insane asylum. Rhoda was born to a well-heeled farming family and grew up a healthy, normal girl, but her life took an unexpected and tragic turn once she reached the tender age of 16 and began dating a boy from a neighboring farm. The boy’s parents were highly against the couple and threatened to curse Rhoda with witchcraft if she continued to see their son. The threat alone was enough to instigate a mental breakdown, and she became convinced that she was being haunted by a spirit named ‘’Old Scratch.’’

Rhoda wound up at the Adams County Poor House, where she stayed and was treated inhumanely for 40 years. For many years, she lived in a straw-lined basket and would sit with her knees clutched to her body for so long that her muscles became atrophied and she could no longer move her legs. She was later moved to a wooden box and, with her long nails, scratched her own eyes until she blinded herself, then punched her teeth out of her mouth. Rhoda eventually lost the ability to speak

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