The wildness

The Wildness

When you come face to face with your own mind. Your own insanity. Your own wildness within. Primal eyes staring back at you. But what are they seeking? A fire lit torch illuminates to way through the subconscious. Trudging through bogs of fire. To finally. To confront the wildness of within.

Born and bred into lunacy. The wild is our first nature. Running through your veins. Past from generations to generations. Surrounded by vicious predators. Fights to the death under the new blood moon and pitch darkness. But I have not yet fallen. Snakes forever slither though the tall grass. Waiting for their chance. But I just bought a lawn mower.

In some way Everyday their will be something trying to take what’s yours. Always with an ulterior motive. One must remain calm. They can smell fear. A droplet of blood in the water echos for miles. But then you show them what you really are. As soon as the blood turns cold. The murderous mind becomes bold.
It’s hard to be at peace when wrath lays upon your palms.

But it is down to us. Who wins this day. The light? Or the dark? Survival instincts. Survival mode. Muscle memory how we react. Condescension spreads like a virus at times. A vicious cycle we lay within. And it does take its toll. We survive the day and it all
Falls to us who you are upon the night. It is down to humanity which way it decides to go

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