Found dead

My apologies for the EXTREMELY blurry photo.

These are one of the staircases (I’m not sure which one) where Wilhelmina Kruger was found dead at The Picadilly carpark in Wollongong NSW, Australia in 1966.

She was a cleaner, working in the centre above who had been experiencing the lights going off for a few nights prior to her murder. She complained to management, who sent out technicians to fix the lights & they would continue to be out. Police believe she was attacked inside the centre, dragged down the escalator & then dragged down another staircase before being dragged down this last one at the bottom level of the carpark. There was a trail of blood, clothing and other items (false teeth and keys) found down the escalator and a set of stairs – they believe she fought the entire time. She was repeatedly stabbed in the face and her body, and was also strangled.

Wilhelmina’s killer was never found. There are rumours about the reasons as to why she was murdered, with one of them being she was part of a White Supremacist group – however this rumour has never been confirmed. They believe this murder may be linked to the Wanda Beach murders, where two young girls were killed in the same month. The POI was serving a life sentence at the time of investigation, however due to lack of evidence, this was unable to be confirmed.

I can confirm that the lower level carpark is very creepy. It has a sinister feeling to it, and I have been told that people rarely park down there because it makes you feel so uneasy.

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