Parents Are People

Isn’t funny how I know my parents to a point,
The people that raised me teaching right from wrong,
The authority figures while growing up,
Showing me a parental love so strong.

I did not see them as people,
They were just my father and mother,
Never tried to act like my friend,
In my adult life is when i started to discover.

I saw mom in a different light,
Lucky to see her other side,
She stood beside me through ups and downs,
With her it was a rollercoaster ride,

My mother became my best friend,
I shared a lot of my life,
I knew her inside and out,
Her death cut me like a knife.

My father had moved in with us,
He also was someone i never really knew,
I only saw the father figure in him,
I was so blind and never had a clue.

I am so lucky to get to know him,
Above the wonderful father he has been to me,
I’m discovering more things everyday,
He is the patriach of our family tree.

I can talk to him about anything,
With no judgement in his eyes,
I am blessed that he is still with us,
Hoping it will be years before i say my goodbyes.

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